Welcome to New Hampshire Cornhole!

   There are many websites and builders that offer cornhole boards, some high quality some not so much.  There are guidelines to follow on a national level about dimensions, construction and finish.  I follow the ACA guidelines as much as a design allows and construction allows.  There are always variables that make a set of boards unique, and there are always different opinions on what matters and what doesn't matter.  So, here's a brief description of my construction and final finish (not set in stone).  Note: these are built as if they were going to be mine

1) 1/2"  a/c plywood deck,
2) 2x4 frame ripped (both edges) to 3 1/4
3) 6" hole saw used for hole 
4) foldable legs with wing nuts for easy adjustments

1) exterior latex for painted sets
2) water based stain for natural sets
3) 3 coats poly-crylic final stage

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